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Reviews / Testimonials

Reviews / Testimonials

“I owe my successful recovery from extensive rotator cuff & biceps surgery entirely to Beth. This is no exaggeration.  I could literally share a daily diary of the progress that has happened in each session with her.

For starters, she has a keen and well trained eye — she never fails to observe how you are moving, and often asks to see specific movement.  She then uses what she has observed to guide her ‘massage strategy’ for that particular session.  I’ve never known her to provide a standard formula massage.

Moreover, with her lifelong involvement in professional athletics, exercise physiology, human anatomy and the like, Beth is — in my opinion — far more effective at guiding you into healthier physical condition than most licensed physical therapists I’ve worked with. I’ve never come across another LMT who works even remotely at this level.

Beyond all this, Beth somehow remembers everything that’s going on with each of her clients, and takes the time and trouble to inquire about your specific needs that day. As a bonus, if you express an interest in knowing the how’s & why’s of the work she’s doing, Beth will share & compassionately teach as much as you care to learn. She is truly remarkable.”  Kim Norris (February 4, 2015)

“The term ‘holistic’ is bandied about quite liberally these days – everyone wants to claim they are a holistic caregiver. Beth is a more holistic care provider than anyone I’ve ever seen, she wants to know everything about your health and finds unique ways to leverage the information to your benefit. She’s also profoundly sensitive to a person’s preferences regarding massage, she seems to know intuitively how to adjust the pressure to fit one’s tolerances and needs. I also love that she walks her talk; with her background as an athlete, yoga instructor and massage therapist, when she says ‘I know how you feel,’ you can believe her.”  Andrew-Sarah Sue Osborn (October 26, 2014)

“I admire Beth’s knowledge of injuries and the exact kinds of pressure and angles that she needs to use, to facilitate healing and relieve pain. 

With her guidance, I was able to speak with my physical therapist in a way that helped him work out the best regimen for me.  Also we store so much stress in our bodies and Beth knows where those knots settle.  I appreciate Beth’s taking time to talk with me before each of our sessions, so that she is aware of anything that might be going on physically.  Not surprisingly, Beth’s work is always spot-on.”  Tamara Markham (April, 2014)

“Beth is a fabulous massage therapist. Her background as an elite athlete and a yoga instructor give her uniquely well-informed insight into the benefits and aims of massage. She’s strong — an essential quality in a good massage therapist to me — and she’s great at listening to and targeting individual needs like injuries and areas that hold stress. She’s always on time and otherwise professional. She’s just an awesome person and professional all the way around.”  Liz Joffe

“Beth is one of the most amazing massage therapists that I have ever been to. She is passionate about her work, knows the human body so well and always gives 150%. Her work is deep, varied and will fit your personal needs.”  Elaine Lowry

“Beth has been my massage therapist for a number of years. She is very knowledgeable in her field, not only in massage, but also in the physiology of the body. This makes her an excellent person to see if you are recovering from an injury, or just looking for relief from normal stresses, aches and pains. She strives to(and succeeds) provide a safe, soothing and effective environment/experience.”  Shirley Scribner

“Beth is a knowledgeable, thorough, powerful yet intuitive massage therapist who has more understanding of the anatomy, and problems with it, than most. I never hesitate to refer patients to her when a patient has an injury, is in cancer treatment, or any other medical consideration. She is great!”  Barbara MacDonald N.D., M.S.O.M, L.Ac.

“Because of Beth’s background as an Olympic Athlete, she understands the body and mind of someone who is striving for optimal physical output.”  Michael Sylvester

“Only two things in my life have ever done a damned bit of good for my asymmetrical back: Beth’s massage and yoga (which Beth also teaches, by the way, very well).  She just seems to know how it all fits together back there. Go to her…you will not be sorry.”  Sam Lowry

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